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Who am i ?

This is the question I often ask to myself whenever I am alone,whenever some mysterious things happen to me coinciding to my intriguing thought;why I exist here in this mysterious cosmos?,and whenever people around me reacts badly to this and positively to that simple deed of mine.But no matter how much I contemplate on it,no matter how much I query myself innumerably,and no matter how much I search into every nook and corner of my heart literally;I did not get the answer that leads me to the abode of self realization.The more I ponder over it the more complex it become to me like the complexity of the Emptiness in the Buddhism.This is the confusion-provoking query where the Emptiness is related to it and negates the most common and ordinary answers of the question.For instance if I say that I am student,but I am not student without teacher,I am not boy without parents,not king sans citizen,not father without children,not boyfriend without gal-friend,not winner sans loser and not topp…

Feel my place.

Geographically,it is plain everywhere with the less growing tree and I could see many settlement just around the premises of college.The mountain-less environment and land just with less tree types such  as eucalyptus, manually planted cypress tree and many small flowering shrubs.The camaraderie and the atmosphere inside the campus is so peaceful with many squirrel running up and down on the tree and the playful scene of male and female pigeon just near the window and veranda.But recently the new construction of sport stadium in the adjacent of our hostel is robbing away my sleep right from the beautiful dreams with the sound of Mixer,drilling machine and with the mechanical noises of many other machines that evolved in work early morn.And the wide sport ground near our hostel brings many student to play different kind of sport such as baseball,football,volleyball,cricket and handball making the ground as uni-sport ground.

I can watch them all; laborers working continuously at the co…

Believe in yourself:It can be done.

As said by Oscar Wilde"To love oneself is the beginning of lifelong romance". love yourself and believe in your soul,It can done great.Shoot at the moon, though you wont be able to hit on to the main target you will certainly hit the nearby star.The only thing is you must not give up easily because of miniscule hodge-podge and higgledy-piggledy situation.The life will face many difficulties surely, but you should keep in mind that abnegation is the incorrect reaction to it.You should try and try again, to let the sun of achievement shine to your determined path.

Here are the some stories about the person who had believed in themselves.It is very inspirational at the same time it is intriguing and I hope it would do the same thing to you all my beloved readers.Have you ever heard or knew that;

-Abraham Lincoln was defeated 8 times in election but he didn't abnegate easily,he believed in himself so, he became the great president ever.
-Albert Einstein who was denied in the…

The hidden mystery tears-From the cutipies's diary

When the heart need solace,company and when the body needs sustenance and the mind needs consolation.Such times propagated tears,perhaps Oh tears ! My dear tear.You are born from the depth of my heart when the things do not turn right what we think and expects.You come out from my two eyes like a water drops from the cut pipe.And I did not wish for your stoppage of flowing.Oh my tear! you are are only the one who knows my bitter sorrow and my sweet gladness.And only you know the mysteries behind my pain and only you know why you roll down my cheeks. You washes my pain and takes it away with you on the earth,you are the nourishment to my calmness and you are the soluble form of my sad feelings.I am sorry my dear tear some thing is really not right and it forces  you to come out and drop on the soil.No matter how miniscule you is, you will be soon high up in the sky to be the part of humidity when the evaporation takes place.And I must say to you 'Never fall back on the ear…

When you will be called happy person.

Every single minute of your stay in this samsaric world seeks happiness through both emotional and material point of views.But how much you seek through such aforementioned, you cannot be a happy person and satisfied because the human mind has everlasting desire for the material and the right emotion.When I say right emotion here, it is the emotion or the feelings you gained minuscule happiness through the positive comments of other people around you whether it is true or false anent you.Some may be trying to flatter you and some says truth what you really is.But whether it is true or false the impact on your mind will remain  for the short period and the glowing feelings you gained via it would soon perish into your heart and the bad feelings do same.So, I mean to say here that your mind has no limitation and it would desire more and ultimately you will not uncertainly end up with maximum sufferings.

As simple as that when you are really satisfied with what you have and when you do n…

The mystery behind the untitled Picture

I capture thee with the film of my eyes Inside the cotton frame of my heart Dwells like a unknown sound in the wood Like a untitled painting in the old museum.
I see thy clear face and crystal eyes, whitish jeans and bluish jeans coat Fitting you perfectly to glisten back to film The one I want to recapture thousands.
Yet the darkest background as nightfall Provides no ample stories of the picture Albeit, I recapture hundred time The darkest background,it always there.
Nonetheless,I want to recapture thou  Before the dusk and breaks other day, After knowing more than thy eye-fulness That shows the background titled and vivid. thanks.

The Stupa turning to Unholy.

Our forefathers had built the stupa (choeten) breathtakingly across the country with their great devotion and respect.They had collected the least accrued penny to buy the relics to be placed inside the the stupa to make it more sacred and holy.They had no machine to plain the ground,no machine to break the stone while they build it.It was built and erected gloriously in every viewpoint wholly with their strength provided by the poorly nourished diet such as cooked corn powder(cho-chan) and the curry they matched with it was chilli with no spices to be added.Besides paying heavy taxes on land,house and cattle they served numerous labor taxes and they had even carried firewood and ink to the Dzong(fortress). The life of our forefathers would have been so hard with full of heavy taxes in terms of economy and physically labor taxes in every newly building fortresses and renovation.However they had preserved our culture and they did not vandalize stupa albeit they hardly got three meals …

Angel fell so near to me

Angel fell so near to me Like a flower to the Bee, At night It is mystery  Without line of her originative Story.

She worn hair silkily black, Drives in craze when looking Back When I sight to her eyes I ain't want to tell her byes.

Like the eyes painted by god painter, Not even seen ere in any Gal. Her sounds;Musical and sweeter Not even heard from spring Nightingale.

Angel fell so near to me, Tell me what to do,Mommie. For whom on this earth, she came? That Idiot shall certainly get fame.

Unsent letter 1


This is letter to you written just for you with my real care and I am writing it only for you so that you will always have this as permanent reminder of how much I truly love and care you. It’s important to me that you know my pure love before I go out of your life and before this togetherness ends.
Whenever we’re apart or anytime you feel sad and when things aren’t going right, you will always have this letter to read and re-read to remind you of just how much boy like me care about you. And you will know no matter what life may throw at us now or in the future, my love will always be there for you pure and true. No matter if it takes my whole life, I will wait for you to show my love is true and pure and it is important for me to show it before the time send us to different part of the land. It’s my main dream and wish that will remain throughout my short life. But wherever I go, I will never forget my love towards you because my love for you is str…