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The Stupa turning to Unholy.

Our forefathers had built the stupa (choeten) breathtakingly across the country with their great devotion and respect.They had collected the least accrued penny to buy the relics to be placed inside the the stupa to make it more sacred and holy.They had no machine to plain the ground,no machine to break the stone while they build it.It was built and erected gloriously in every viewpoint wholly with their strength provided by the poorly nourished diet such as cooked corn powder(cho-chan) and the curry they matched with it was chilli with no spices to be added.Besides paying heavy taxes on land,house and cattle they served numerous labor taxes and they had even carried firewood and ink to the Dzong(fortress). The life of our forefathers would have been so hard with full of heavy taxes in terms of economy and physically labor taxes in every newly building fortresses and renovation.However they had preserved our culture and they did not vandalize stupa albeit they hardly got three meals a day.

But now the nation in the hand of this generation is becoming sick.Wherever I go I could see the stupa where mischievous person in-sanctified and vandalized.It would have been the sacred place once our grand father had prayed and respected by putting off their hat whenever they passes the stupas.But now his children destroys the holy structure by taking out relics to be sold to the foreigner's land.Forget about the respects,about putting off hat in the premises of it like our great father did once upon a time and praying,in lieu of it now the children destroy easily using clover .Is it caused by poverty or greed?

In this generation our country became the epicenter of the miracle earthquake that mostly affects the numerous olden stupas and takes out relics out of it.Before destroying the sacred place of grandfather,respects and devotion of your ancestors,before vandalizing the stupa with the notion to sell the jewel of our own land to other, think thousands.Beside facing problems in this life,It is also sinful to vandalize stupa in Buddhist context and the Buddhist believe that the doer will be in Dorji hell(dorji snyel WA) the extreme realm of hell after its Death and you will never be reborn.          


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