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Feel my place.

Geographically,it is plain everywhere with the less growing tree and I could see many settlement just around the premises of college.The mountain-less environment and land just with less tree types such  as eucalyptus, manually planted cypress tree and many small flowering shrubs.The camaraderie and the atmosphere inside the campus is so peaceful with many squirrel running up and down on the tree and the playful scene of male and female pigeon just near the window and veranda.But recently the new construction of sport stadium in the adjacent of our hostel is robbing away my sleep right from the beautiful dreams with the sound of Mixer,drilling machine and with the mechanical noises of many other machines that evolved in work early morn.And the wide sport ground near our hostel brings many student to play different kind of sport such as baseball,football,volleyball,cricket and handball making the ground as uni-sport ground.

I can watch them all; laborers working continuously at the co…