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Every thing on this anthill is under the voiceless order of the nature of impermanence and nature of life.Albeit you are born with silver spoon in mouth,one day you will grow old and obviously have to enter through the door of death leaving the world,beloved ones and unfulfilled dreams behind.You cannot take accumulated money when you die,you will be definitely lonely man passing through different tragic scenes without single subject accompanying you.That time the only important is merit that you have accrued during your brief stay in the world.You can take merit with you when you die.The accumulation of merit is very much essential part of our life,without it I can describe even the richest man's life meaningless and unworthy to continue journey without interest in the accumulation of the merit.

Never lose hopes in accumulating merits.Respect every types of sentient being whether they are animals,pathetic,strong,weak,poor,rich,ugly,young and old.Sacrificial and backing up to other…