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Angel fell so near to me

Angel fell so near to me Like a flower to the Bee, At night It is mystery  Without line of her originative Story.

She worn hair silkily black, Drives in craze when looking Back When I sight to her eyes I ain't want to tell her byes.

Like the eyes painted by god painter, Not even seen ere in any Gal. Her sounds;Musical and sweeter Not even heard from spring Nightingale.

Angel fell so near to me, Tell me what to do,Mommie. For whom on this earth, she came? That Idiot shall certainly get fame.

Unsent letter 1


This is letter to you written just for you with my real care and I am writing it only for you so that you will always have this as permanent reminder of how much I truly love and care you. It’s important to me that you know my pure love before I go out of your life and before this togetherness ends.
Whenever we’re apart or anytime you feel sad and when things aren’t going right, you will always have this letter to read and re-read to remind you of just how much boy like me care about you. And you will know no matter what life may throw at us now or in the future, my love will always be there for you pure and true. No matter if it takes my whole life, I will wait for you to show my love is true and pure and it is important for me to show it before the time send us to different part of the land. It’s my main dream and wish that will remain throughout my short life. But wherever I go, I will never forget my love towards you because my love for you is str…