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Angel fell so near to me

Angel fell so near to me
Like a flower to the Bee,
At night It is mystery
 Without line of her originative Story.

She worn hair silkily black,
Drives in craze when looking Back
When I sight to her eyes
I ain't want to tell her byes.

Like the eyes painted by god painter,
Not even seen ere in any Gal.
Her sounds;Musical and sweeter
Not even heard from spring Nightingale.

Angel fell so near to me,
Tell me what to do,Mommie.
For whom on this earth, she came?
That Idiot shall certainly get fame.


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I capture thee with the film of my eyes Inside the cotton frame of my heart Dwells like a unknown sound in the wood Like a untitled painting in the old museum.
I see thy clear face and crystal eyes, whitish jeans and bluish jeans coat Fitting you perfectly to glisten back to film The one I want to recapture thousands.
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Nonetheless,I want to recapture thou  Before the dusk and breaks other day, After knowing more than thy eye-fulness That shows the background titled and vivid. thanks.