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Dearest cutie,

It is really hard indeed to make my survival in this world without you, by my side sharing the same path wherever I walk,looking to the same direction towards beautiful surrounding of the Nature and making the best time that ever happened in ones life.I feel you are no more in this world and in my world too,you have gone far and fled to the world of marriage to which I would not reach without person like you to accompany to live in it.

I wander like a lonely cloud floating in the air of summer sky without true destination,without you I do not have any dreams and hobbies.Forget about destination,but I remember it whenever something charming around me reminds of you,since I knew you were my true destination.I give description of my life'meaning less'without the person who is meaningful to me, without which I cannot appreciate the beauty of the Spring season and the Great seven Wonders of the ancient world.

I am trying not to remember you, but if you understand what it mean,it do not mean I stopped loving you.Absolutely not!.But the deal is when I think of you, it really hurts  me as if I am on the sharp edge of the warrior's sword.The moment I miss you,your thought run across my body from head to toe and the moment I know that you are no more in my life,I feel afraid how shall I live my rest of life without person I really desire to be with.

I still remember you,I still miss you and I still have feelings to be shared with you.My words are left undisclosed to you and now it is too late,you were gone forever without having little time of you to spare listening to my heart words.For whom I shall share this to.Without you sitting beside me listening to what I wish to share with you,the words in my heart melt into tears and it is very pitiful to loss words on the soil in the form of solution.If you are still with me in my life, I have many words to tell you.The first thing I shall tell you would be the three sweet joined words that I didn't get a good enough time to express it whenever you were around me.If you understand me, now I do not have the freedom of expression and I feel it is not the right thing to say 'I LOVE YOU' from the depth of heart without your presence right beside me under my loving arms.

As much as I love you,I wonder how it happened all to me-I had to love someone so much who was no more in this world of mine.  

I walk among the thousand people,
Still loneliness does haunt me.
I hope for her face among the crowd,
And I knew The Autumn;only season to me.


  1. so emotional has nearly drawn tear from my eyes...Love it....

  2. thanks for reading dea ,doss.i think it really touched you.isn't it?

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  5. wonderful and awesome writing Karma...i really enjoyed going through and keep the spirit!


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