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When one of the ancient king was visiting to comb village in search of stunning boy,he reached to one poor boy's house."What are you doing?"the king asked as he looked to boy.And the boy answered,"I am guarding house".

Again the king asked,"where did your father go?"he replied,"My father went in search of eyes,my lord"

Again the king wanted him to tell where his mother was.The poor boy gave reply that his mother was gone out of home to search Stomach.

The king was surprised to all his answers and to analyze it,he stayed with poor boy.In the evening before twilight was swallowed completely by the night,his father had returned to house with the load of sandal-wood to light home at night and at the same time his mother had also made to home with food .

The king was impressed to boy's peculiar expression and he felt happy as he made journey back to the palace.

The day after king reached to the palace,he called poor boy to palace and handed  him two Golden eggs.And the king said,"Between your house and my palace there is bridge,from that bridge,if you cross with two golden eggs,there is peril of breaking down bridge,and also if you cross without golden eggs the danger of   breaking down bridge will be still there"." And even if you carry only one egg while crossing the bridge,the bridge will break down.You shouldn't cross the bridge keeping two golden eggs together,carrying only one and you shouldn't cross it without golden eggs".The king ordered poor boy.

The wretched boy replied,"O key,my precious Lord"as he received two glowing golden eggs and turned to come back to home.As he reached adjacent to the bridge,he grabbed one golden egg by right hand and another by the left.Then he was steadily crossing the bridge as he threw one egg up in the air,other remains  with one hand.So, he finally succeeded in crossing the bridge by throwing up in the air and when the right hand's egg fell down again,he threw up an egg of the left hand.

By keeping one egg in the hand and one golden egg in the air,he made to home safe in ease without any obstacles carrying two bright golden eggs with him.

And when the king heard those about the boy,he thought the boy was over-clever and the lord had stunned by the boy's brilliance.So,the king called him back again to the glorious palace and made poor boy a renowned Minister.

translated to English from dzongkha folk-tales


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