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Every thing on this anthill is under the voiceless order of the nature of impermanence and nature of life.Albeit you are born with silver spoon in mouth,one day you will grow old and obviously have to enter through the door of death leaving the world,beloved ones and unfulfilled dreams behind.You cannot take accumulated money when you die,you will be definitely lonely man passing through different tragic scenes without single subject accompanying you.That time the only important is merit that you have accrued during your brief stay in the world.You can take merit with you when you die.The accumulation of merit is very much essential part of our life,without it I can describe even the richest man's life meaningless and unworthy to continue journey without interest in the accumulation of the merit.

Never lose hopes in accumulating merits.Respect every types of sentient being whether they are animals,pathetic,strong,weak,poor,rich,ugly,young and old.Sacrificial and backing up to other…


When one of the ancient king was visiting to comb village in search of stunning boy,he reached to one poor boy's house."What are you doing?"the king asked as he looked to boy.And the boy answered,"I am guarding house".Again the king asked,"where did your father go?"he replied,"My father went in search of eyes,my lord"Again the king wanted him to tell where his mother was.The poor boy gave reply that his mother was gone out of home to search Stomach.The king was surprised to all his answers and to analyze it,he stayed with poor boy.In the evening before twilight was swallowed completely by the night,his father had returned to house with the load of sandal-wood to light home at night and at the same time his mother had also made to home with food .The king was impressed to boy's peculiar expression and he felt happy as he made journey back to the palace.The day after king reached to the palace,he called poor boy to palace and handed  him t…


Dearest cutie,Today is the very lonely day,I really want you to be with me sitting right beside me under my loving arms.The day seems to be very long that I cannot pass it  wearing smile on to my face;since, today the howling of the wind seems passing your message to me and the love romantic song that hung on it reminds me of you.I find many reasons to miss you dear,you are beautiful and kind,humble and innocent,and the scenario around me drives me crazy and lead to miss you desperately.When I watch buzzing bee trying to rest on the red beautiful rose,when I see two flowers bloomed fully in the same pot and when I see birds flying in pair across the beautiful space under the bluish sky,I miss you when these all beautiful scene draws my attention towards it and realize how much I desire for your companionship.Dear,I am desiring you the most,when I watch young lovers walking together hand in hand,giggling to each other and at the same time when they gaze upon each other's face.Do y…


Dearest cutie,

It is really hard indeed to make my survival in this world without you, by my side sharing the same path wherever I walk,looking to the same direction towards beautiful surrounding of the Nature and making the best time that ever happened in ones life.I feel you are no more in this world and in my world too,you have gone far and fled to the world of marriage to which I would not reach without person like you to accompany to live in it.
I wander like a lonely cloud floating in the air of summer sky without true destination,without you I do not have any dreams and hobbies.Forget about destination,but I remember it whenever something charming around me reminds of you,since I knew you were my true destination.I give description of my life'meaning less'without the person who is meaningful to me, without which I cannot appreciate the beauty of the Spring season and the Great seven Wonders of the ancient world.
I am trying not to remember you, but if you understand what i…


Oh!What a wonderful being, What a unique uninfluenced mind Of that girl, She wears humble dress And talks low keeping the best head low.
Oh!How kind she Is? To every one around her, Albeit, they are good or bad, Her rays of smile is unbiased like the sun rays.
Oh! What a decent gal, She tells'I love you' many times  Yet to same single person And unbelievable;one boyfriend Is enough to her.
Oh!How helpful she is in the society, She walks to the Orphanage, To donate penny In lieu of disposing To stretch wrinkles To straighten naturally straight hair.
Oh!What a survival she made on this Anthill, In this so called 21st century, Where every gal wears dress scarcely and fanciful In this burning world with a gushing fire of Ego and Imitation.
From where did that Angel fall? Is she reincarnation of Mother Teresa? No,It can't be... Florence Nightingale will never visit back In this century.


I was so gloomy that day,i didn't know what karma is it?.My friends with me would have observed that in what state I am on that day.As I thought why I was feeling so pathetic and cheerless.The answer was so regretful and unthinkable since the gal whose power of eyes equivalent to mine, who is my type and once who used to love me was gone away completely from my life.

Though I was in dismal on that day,my friends were all laughingstock but i couldn't laugh from the heart.To act as if I was laughing from the heart was the tough task that I couldn't give the right laughter that a joke deserves.
I walked among our group friends masked my face with a weak smile that was strength-less and it couldn't rise any reply from my friend.However, I managed to act like a Hollywood actor pretending to be happy and cheerful.

As we all reached outside the college campus,there was a bus ready to take its journey towards Jalandhar(main city in Punjab) from where we can take further journey t…


It was one of the sunny warm day last year,i went outside feeling little bored of being always in the room indeed it was also the boring stuff to walk alone, i continued my walk alone and aloof past the corridor,past down the gloomy stairs and the vehicle parking area.
The day afternoon was young and bright,beautiful and warm and the gardeners were working in the flower garden that runs around the playground.At that time i was not only the one who went for walk there were also bunch of students sat together receiving the warm pat from the rays threw by the afternoon sunshine.
I walked across the sandy football ground and took my place at the grassy part of the ground,i sat there basking the sunshine and receiving the unbiased warmth of the sun as says 'The sun shines both rich and poor alike' .i was reading "UGYEN ACADEMY SOW VOLUME III"as reading is one of the  option that makes the lonesome man's world little charming.As i continued to enter into the charmed worl…