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It was one of the sunny warm day last year,i went outside feeling little bored of being always in the room indeed it was also the boring stuff to walk alone, i continued my walk alone and aloof past the corridor,past down the gloomy stairs and the vehicle parking area.
The day afternoon was young and bright,beautiful and warm and the gardeners were working in the flower garden that runs around the playground.At that time i was not only the one who went for walk there were also bunch of students sat together receiving the warm pat from the rays threw by the afternoon sunshine.

I walked across the sandy football ground and took my place at the grassy part of the ground,i sat there basking the sunshine and receiving the unbiased warmth of the sun as says 'The sun shines both rich and poor alike' .i was reading "UGYEN ACADEMY SOW VOLUME III"as reading is one of the  option that makes the lonesome man's world little charming.As i continued to enter into the charmed world the two women came to me telling something that i could not understand and my brain couldn't interpret what the woman said.

She told me something very hard to understand since i am not fluent in Hindhi language. May be she had spoken in Punjabi language.I was very puzzled and lowered my bulky head down to the gloomy soil just to see a yellow grass piercing up the top soil without even the patches of green grass. The two women were repeating the same words that was beyond my interpretation.

Blood flushed across my face and i was brought back from the charmed world to the world of confusion but the woman still continued to speak,this time i heard 'bathroom'and i guessed may be they wanted me to send water through pipe that snakes in the ground which i could not make out where it ends.Were they really wanting me to do that?to send water to pipe somewhere from the bathroom.
Immediately i said i didn't understand."Nahi samaj ta hai" .The sweeper said,"Bathroom,bathroom".
I repeated i didn't understand till she called one of the gardeners to speak for her to make me understand.No sooner did the man walk towards me then i understood what she had intended tell me,i interpreted at last.It was a simple thing but bit funny,they wanted me to go to other corner of the ground while they answer to the call of the nature.

I stood up suddenly carrying heavy head on to weak neck ,headed to hostel past the group of smily middle aged gardener and i never looked back again to the two women.

Ha ha ha thanks_Karmanchb.
i knew the value of language.


  1. That was really funny. I know how we feel when we don't get anything people have to say or even don't know how to stop them from speaking. We remain dumb-founded and alienated. But that will remain as a speck of memories. Now you'll soon know to speak Hindi well. Keep going bro. and takecare

    1. hahaha I started to learn now.thank you for reading my imperfect piece brother.take care you too.


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