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The hidden mystery tears-From the cutipies's diary

When the heart need solace,company and when the body needs sustenance and the mind needs consolation.Such times propagated tears,perhaps Oh tears ! My dear tear.You are born from the depth of my heart when the things do not turn right what we think and expects.You come out from my two eyes like a water drops from the cut pipe.And I did not wish for your stoppage of flowing.Oh my tear! you are are only the one who knows my bitter sorrow and my sweet gladness.And only you know the mysteries behind my pain and only you know why you roll down my cheeks. You washes my pain and takes it away with you on the earth,you are the nourishment to my calmness and you are the soluble form of my sad feelings.I am sorry my dear tear some thing is really not right and it forces  you to come out and drop on the soil.No matter how miniscule you is, you will be soon high up in the sky to be the part of humidity when the evaporation takes place.And I must say to you 'Never fall back on the ear…