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I was so gloomy that day,i didn't know what karma is it?.My friends with me would have observed that in what state I am on that day.As I thought why I was feeling so pathetic and cheerless.The answer was so regretful and unthinkable since the gal whose power of eyes equivalent to mine, who is my type and once who used to love me was gone away completely from my life.

Though I was in dismal on that day,my friends were all laughingstock but i couldn't laugh from the heart.To act as if I was laughing from the heart was the tough task that I couldn't give the right laughter that a joke deserves.
I walked among our group friends masked my face with a weak smile that was strength-less and it couldn't rise any reply from my friend.However, I managed to act like a Hollywood actor pretending to be happy and cheerful.

As we all reached outside the college campus,there was a bus ready to take its journey towards Jalandhar(main city in Punjab) from where we can take further journey t…


It was one of the sunny warm day last year,i went outside feeling little bored of being always in the room indeed it was also the boring stuff to walk alone, i continued my walk alone and aloof past the corridor,past down the gloomy stairs and the vehicle parking area.
The day afternoon was young and bright,beautiful and warm and the gardeners were working in the flower garden that runs around the playground.At that time i was not only the one who went for walk there were also bunch of students sat together receiving the warm pat from the rays threw by the afternoon sunshine.
I walked across the sandy football ground and took my place at the grassy part of the ground,i sat there basking the sunshine and receiving the unbiased warmth of the sun as says 'The sun shines both rich and poor alike' .i was reading "UGYEN ACADEMY SOW VOLUME III"as reading is one of the  option that makes the lonesome man's world little charming.As i continued to enter into the charmed worl…