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The bitter regret

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IT is on Sunday, on lonely day
A regret walks into my soul
Abode,my soul became to him
He grew and grasp my soul wholly.
My thought feeds him pretty well
"Her power of eyes had equaled to mine
Yet the time is too late,late to go back
When she is in the world of pair
She is good as dead to my life" beloved readers
I'm the one of dead man walking
On the Ghost's soil of loneliness
The memories were no more sweet
He plays no music sweet and soft
Speaks no words of inspiration
Even pulls my balloon head down
And I see the thorny earth
OH! it is unbearable
He invaded my soul
Like lasting version of solar eclipse
But the difference is people concern solar-eclipse
Yet I also hear from her
"you are my best son
Let you be the successor
Of dreams you aspired
Of the aim you set up"
And I held my giraffe head up
To see the Northern star sparkling
Never to let it down
To watch yellowish grass dancing
In the atmosphere of solitude.

This poem expresses about our mind which would bring many confusions and sorrows if it is not untamed and unrealized.Every confusions,regrets and sorrows comes and become stronger which would also lead to suicide.All this happens due to lack of realization of our mind.we are the creator of the sorrows to our-selves.This poem also emphasizes that even in the ocean of sorrows there is one being who concerns about you,That is your parents though you sense a negligence from the people around you. and the poem Also shows many personal thoughts and emotions that i cannot explain here.

BY...karma...the last poet of BhutaN


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