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Dearest cutie,

Today is the very lonely day,I really want you to be with me sitting right beside me under my loving arms.The day seems to be very long that I cannot pass it  wearing smile on to my face;since, today the howling of the wind seems passing your message to me and the love romantic song that hung on it reminds me of you.

I find many reasons to miss you dear,you are beautiful and kind,humble and innocent,and the scenario around me drives me crazy and lead to miss you desperately.When I watch buzzing bee trying to rest on the red beautiful rose,when I see two flowers bloomed fully in the same pot and when I see birds flying in pair across the beautiful space under the bluish sky,I miss you when these all beautiful scene draws my attention towards it and realize how much I desire for your companionship.

Dear,I am desiring you the most,when I watch young lovers walking together hand in hand,giggling to each other and at the same time when they gaze upon each other's face.Do you know how I feel at such very moment?If I share to you,at first it really drives in the fancy world where world is too small just to hold you and me.But the moment I know immediately that it is just a fancy world,I feel sharp pain, as if the most sharpest metal is piercing by the mighty hand right through middle of my wounded heart.

Desperately, my soul is hungry for you.From the day I realized that your power of eyes are equivalent to mine,my desire to live with you is not a small but the greatest agony I feel knowing that I shall not fulfill my desire tomorrow, turns in to the greatest regret in my brief life.

Every morning,I walk to the class among the thousand people but why I feel that something is really missing from me?And why I still search for your face every moment when walking among the crowd albeit,I know that I shall not see you walking among it .Why?As much as I desire for you,I wonder how this all happened this typical situation to me and how my life is ruining with the word 'IF'.

Some time I feel that somewhere you are also missing me,this very feeling make me to smile weakly for a while. But the notion that you would not reach me in a reality to offer me your sweet companionship makes me to feel down in the dump.

However,I cannot avoid you and abandon you.I will remember you dear, till my last breath that I can breathe telling you"I STILL MISS YOU"



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