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Unsent letter 1


This is letter to you written just for you with my real care and I am writing it only for you so that you will always have this as permanent reminder of how much I truly love and care you. It’s important to me that you know my pure love before I go out of your life and before this togetherness ends.
Whenever we’re apart or anytime you feel sad and when things aren’t going right, you will always have this letter to read and re-read to remind you of just how much boy like me care about you. And you will know no matter what life may throw at us now or in the future, my love will always be there for you pure and true. No matter if it takes my whole life, I will wait for you to show my love is true and pure and it is important for me to show it before the time send us to different part of the land. It’s my main dream and wish that will remain throughout my short life. But wherever I go, I will never forget my love towards you because my love for you is strong to face obstacles that may try to come between us. Nothing is so important to make me happy; not money, not pills, not expensive lifestyles or fancy clothes. The only I need is you in this world and with you the world is Heaven again with full of angels and without you, what is the meaning of my life? Actually it is unbelievable and embarrassing when poor boy like me really fall in love to the beautiful, kind girl like you but nothing left for the poor creature other than real pain hidden inside that kills me day by day. Sorry for loving you and showing it suddenly to you out of surprise. Because, I feel afraid to lose you in front of my very eyes. This chit is written just for you as a gift from me with the pure love from core of my heart, so that you can read in the future when the things doesn’t go right with your Ideal man and just to remember your guy who loves you more than any other man in this universe and more than his life-force.

With love.........


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