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Unsent Letter 2.


                                                                                    TUE, 9th, Dec, 2014
Today I feel very happy because I notice at each and every blink of an eye the importance you represent to me and the strength you transmit, so that I can face whichever obstacle without fear or insecurity. You are gorgeous and adorable, capable of making me realize how good it is that your presence makes me grow and transform into a better person, capable of turning dreams into reality and make the result of those dreams. My life without you would lack meaning, lack sense. Without you I would be nothing but a wandering errant searching for my path that could lead me to the happiness’s door. But with you around, by my side, close to me, I am certain of having made the right, safer and the romantic choice. Gazing endlessly into your deep yet sweet eyes, I realize the tender and pure light that pours from your heart and soul. I shall never let this very feeling to perish. I love you. I didn’t say it to you thinking that I am the most worthy boy to you, I wrote to you because I am also capable to give you real, humble care and pure love. There is only single answer to the question why I smile even I am alone when I enter my room? Because, the angel fell so near to me. That is you. I have only one life in which I met you, my only one girl, and at this coincidental condition if I do not show you my true and pure love. What would my life will be. It will be meaningless.
I will not wait for you
Since am running after you
I will not die for you
As I want to fight obstacles


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