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Who am i ?

This is the question I often ask to myself whenever I am alone,whenever some mysterious things happen to me coinciding to my intriguing thought;why I exist here in this mysterious cosmos?,and whenever people around me reacts badly to this and positively to that simple deed of mine.

But no matter how much I contemplate on it,no matter how much I query myself innumerably,and no matter how much I search into every nook and corner of my heart literally;I did not get the answer that leads me to the abode of self realization.The more I ponder over it the more complex it become to me like the complexity of the Emptiness in the Buddhism.This is the confusion-provoking query where the Emptiness is related to it and negates the most common and ordinary answers of the question.For instance if I say that I am student,but I am not student without teacher,I am not boy without parents,not king sans citizen,not father without children,not boyfriend without gal-friend,not winner sans loser and not topper without person behind me.I am nothing without all those elements.

And then the answer is;I am empty, but the emptiness is not empty and emptiness is not nothingness.It is that I am empty of complete myself and you are empty of full you.

Then,who am I?the contemplation on this question that makes you journey inward is the meditation which I think that the true answers will give you positive energy to understand Emptiness ultimately.

My answer for this are;I am DEVIL

If I kill other living beings,if I think bad to other and if I speak bad to other intentionally to make them lower and without knowing why i speak that particular words.
If you ask this inquiry again and again and if you are doing these deed,you will come to know that you are devil.
And some day you will change yourself because you would know you are bad,through this contemplation.(you' here refers to myself also)


If i do good for all the being,If i always encourage other people around me truly from the heart and If i speak realizing that why i say that words.In this regard if i always speak for the positive up-gradation of each and every person mindfully.(This type of person will understand that he is rising positive energy and ultimately he will realize that interdependence exists betwixt all the living and non living elements of the earth).From the understanding of this nature of our nonexistence without other elements will let to bloom flower of compassion into your heart.

It is better ask this question albeit it is hotch-potch- provoking.


  1. wow...fantastic job!! I liked the way of your expression of thoughts and realization. You are now turning into a real spiritual man..A very big appreciation to you..keep is really meaningful..


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