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No time for complex Buddhism summarization.part I

Image result for Buddhismwhat is Buddhism?

Buddhism is the art of living and dying in a harmonious manner,it is the path to the highest level of happiness or eternal bliss through the practice of being kind,compassionate and respectful to other being knowing the inter-dependency to make complete you and me.

Who is Buddha?

Buddha is a ordinary person who is awakened from all the worldly confusions and illusions,who gained super-human qualities through understanding and practice of Emptiness or self-realization mindfully.Normally,people understand and believes Buddha as prince Gautama who had attained Buddha-hood in Bodh- gaya;he is just one of many Buddhas.We should know and understand that there were Buddhas in the past,Buddha at present and there will be more Buddhas in the future.

What are the Buddha's teachings?

To overcome eighty four thousand negative states of mind the Buddha taught a total of eighty four thousand teachings to eliminate those negative thoughts and karma(actions).These teachings were divided to three categories known as Tripitaka.

1.Teaching of Morality-It is about discipline

2.Teaching of Sutra-(formula)-It is about self realization or Emptiness

3.Teaching of Abhidharma-It is about universe and nature of being

Buddha gave three teachings according to level of its highness as follows:

a.First teaching for the primary level-It is four noble truth.

b.Second teaching for the higher level-Emptiness or self realization.

c.Third teaching for the highest level-It is about Buddha nature(that every being have Buddha nature that has to be awakened)

         First four noble truths

There is suffering(old age,illness and death)

There is cause of suffering(Ignorance)

There is end of suffering(Attaining Buddha-hood)

There is way to end suffering(Realization of Emptiness through study of eight fold paths and Meditation)

          Second is emptiness

It is related to paths for the end of suffering,by understanding the non-existence of complete you and me without other person,minerals and other elements of the earth.

          Third is pure vision or Buddha nature

It is associated to the end of suffering by awakening the Buddha nature within us.


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