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When you will be called happy person.

Every single minute of your stay in this samsaric world seeks happiness through both emotional and material point of views.But how much you seek through such aforementioned, you cannot be a happy person and satisfied because the human mind has everlasting desire for the material and the right emotion.When I say right emotion here, it is the emotion or the feelings you gained minuscule happiness through the positive comments of other people around you whether it is true or false anent you.Some may be trying to flatter you and some says truth what you really is.But whether it is true or false the impact on your mind will remain  for the short period and the glowing feelings you gained via it would soon perish into your heart and the bad feelings do same.So, I mean to say here that your mind has no limitation and it would desire more and ultimately you will not uncertainly end up with maximum sufferings.

As simple as that when you are really satisfied with what you have and when you do not desire what you do not have and after all you knowing that you will never get those emotion and the material,then what is the use of expecting and desiring desperately for it?.The main cause of of worries and ado are the expectation,fear and suspicious feeling that has just seems to be attached with your nerves.And that can be separable and avoidable through your right thought without any expectations from other person,by believing your self the fear can be destroyed and through study and reducing your ego and breaking away open the hardest cocoon of self-centredness will surely wipe your suspicious feeling that causes fear in your mind.

So,I can say that person who is satisfied with what the life offers them and leads life in ease without frustration and complexity.And the person who is kind,I believe that the person can be kind enough when he is satisfied with who he is and what he own.And logically the person who is kind will be happy person because he is kind due to lack of jealousy and bountiful of joyfulness.




  1. So true are your words. People can really be happy if the desire and negative emotions are being controlled. Wonderful piece :) Happy Weekends. Take Care!

    1. Thanks for going through, lekey.take care you too


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