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Believe in yourself:It can be done.

Image result for quotations of words believeAs said by Oscar Wilde"To love oneself is the beginning of lifelong romance". love yourself and believe in your soul,It can done great.Shoot at the moon, though you wont be able to hit on to the main target you will certainly hit the nearby star.The only thing is you must not give up easily because of miniscule hodge-podge and higgledy-piggledy situation.The life will face many difficulties surely, but you should keep in mind that abnegation is the incorrect reaction to it.You should try and try again, to let the sun of achievement shine to your determined path.

Here are the some stories about the person who had believed in themselves.It is very inspirational at the same time it is intriguing and I hope it would do the same thing to you all my beloved readers.Have you ever heard or knew that;

-Abraham Lincoln was defeated 8 times in election but he didn't abnegate easily,he believed in himself so, he became the great president ever.
-Albert Einstein who was denied in the teaching post had made the syllabus to be taught in the institution by all the teachers in the world.

Michael Jackson, the seventh child of Poor African-American couple became the superstar of the millenium.
Pele,A boy born and grown in a slum became the King of the football.
Sachin Tendulkar was the ball boy in the 1987 WC became the most famous in cricket player.
Muhamad Ali,A black kid in the dominance of white became the champion of champions in Boxing.

JK Rowling, the woman who worked in the cafeteria had written the Harry Potter,the famous movie series.
Walt Disney,the man who drove ambulance in Red Cross had created the the most famous Mickey  Mouse.

Dr.Ambedhkar,who was once really suffered being one of untouchables,later touched the trillions of heart due to his belief in himself.
Mahatma Gandhiji( often refered to as Bapu) had become the father of India.
Florence Nightingale treated many soldiers during world war,she was also the girl who inspired the IDEA OF Red Cross.

A sister became the Mother to all,wiped out poverty of the many souls.
Oprah Winfrey, the neglected child became the philanthropist and the philosopher.

Genjis Khan,the nomad became the world Conqueror.
Spartacus was the slave who kept the legend after his life.And the Napoleon Bonaparte was a soldier who became the renowned emperor.

And lastly the Siddhartta,Ran away from the beautiful palace,leaving beautiful wife behind and leaving the post of king in search of truth to sufferings of the Samsara.Later he became the Enlightened one,the great teacher who flourished the Buddhism in the whole world and became the king who turn the wheels of Dharma.If you have selfbelief you can even disappear your body and control your soul.

The Biggest strength OR the biggest obstacle is Belief.The above mentioned people are all like us,they had a dreams like us and they had faced the tragic of the life as we all do.Yet the only different is they didn't believe in fear and abnegation easily rather they dare to chase dream and they believed that they can be more than what it is now.

Start today itself,believe yourself and chase your Dream.It is your turn to think and chase.



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