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Is food given by them really turn into poison?

When I was preteen I used to feel ill about the person who was long victimized as Poison Giver (kha phog mi), I dread hitherto, I feared till now. Such is the strength of inculcation and unreformed culture.

But now I analyzed that something is fallacious in the societal belief.

 And I feel wrong severely; victims are neither considered nor put to front as a subject of praise and there is no education and awareness to purge negative conviction in the society till now, and hither to victim was neglected by the multitude. The emotional exploitation of being neglected from the society would even leads to taking one’s life as recent happiness rate index calculated that 80 percent of the people who took their own life were from rural areas. I felt that it could be the rationality behind tragic suicide for there will be more than 3 victims out of 40 households in rural village and as a fuel to fire many people in rural areas were robustly intertwined with the orthodox belief that they ought to avoid victims even with regards to communication to prevent themselves from ill affecting.
The victims’ generation would be in pains, problems and would feel severe depression if we do not make them now physically and psychologically balanced with societal egality and further more due to multitudinous negligence, some of the victim’s children indulges in abusing suppressed sycophantic substances which ultimately leads to the loss of handful of country’s productive asset.
  Something must be regenerated in our society in order to foreclose an inequality to the victims due to social-conventional thoughts and conviction that has been passed down innumerous generations. Now it is an era to alter the nature of our thoughts and belief upon them as the generation changes and so when our nation trots along the democratic path abiding the principles of Gross National Happiness.

 Think: why there is poison giver per se only in Bhutan?
Did you ever hear such cases in foreign land? No one has undergone case study about it till now.
It is incredible if it is only in Rural Bhutan!


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