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Oh!What a wonderful being, What a unique uninfluenced mind Of that girl, She wears humble dress And talks low keeping the best head low.
Oh!How kind she Is? To every one around her, Albeit, they are good or bad, Her rays of smile is unbiased like the sun rays.
Oh! What a decent gal, She tells'I love you' many times  Yet to same single person And unbelievable;one boyfriend Is enough to her.
Oh!How helpful she is in the society, She walks to the Orphanage, To donate penny In lieu of disposing To stretch wrinkles To straighten naturally straight hair.
Oh!What a survival she made on this Anthill, In this so called 21st century, Where every gal wears dress scarcely and fanciful In this burning world with a gushing fire of Ego and Imitation.
From where did that Angel fall? Is she reincarnation of Mother Teresa? No,It can't be... Florence Nightingale will never visit back In this century.