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I was so gloomy that day,i didn't know what karma is it?.My friends with me would have observed that in what state I am on that day.As I thought why I was feeling so pathetic and cheerless.The answer was so regretful and unthinkable since the gal whose power of eyes equivalent to mine, who is my type and once who used to love me was gone away completely from my life.

Though I was in dismal on that day,my friends were all laughingstock but i couldn't laugh from the heart.To act as if I was laughing from the heart was the tough task that I couldn't give the right laughter that a joke deserves.
I walked among our group friends masked my face with a weak smile that was strength-less and it couldn't rise any reply from my friend.However, I managed to act like a Hollywood actor pretending to be happy and cheerful.

As we all reached outside the college campus,there was a bus ready to take its journey towards Jalandhar(main city in Punjab) from where we can take further journey to our destination that is Golden Temple.We all entered the wrecked local bus and took the empty seat.I got my seat beside one  of the passenger that was seat parallel to my friend chimmi.The bus was full of local passenger however,it managed to provide comfortable seat for all of us and it become ready for leaving.

We were on the way inside bulky bus with a speedy wheel among the other passenger who was looking to us with an eagle eye with little interest in us. Though I encountered with different people and saw different ways of lifestyle,it got no changes in my mind.From every side of thought I always remembered,cutie pie( the name she calls herself).The bus was carrying me to Jalandhar but my heart drives me near her.As soon as I reached near her she was already one big step ahead of me,which means she was in the different world,the world of marriage.Suddenly, the bus stopped at one of the stop and I was separated from her from the world of  imagination and brought to the present active world.Then I heard conductor pronouncing ,'Jalandhar,Jalandhar' some people were coming outside from the bus and  some were entering in it as she entered deep inside my heart.

At the same time coster-mongers were entering time and again inside the bus to sell and pronouncing some thing repeatedly and same thing.I thought it might be the name of edibles they brought to sell but no one was willing to buy. And they re camped the bus with a smile less face but they awaits for the taste of next bus.Again we were on speedy wheel and almost made our journey till Jalandhar.

Now it was time for us to leave from the bus,it is Jalandhar bus station.There were many local bulky buses as if they were called for the essential meeting.We all came out to find the bus which would be carrying us to Amritsar(where Golden temple was built).The next bus was also of  same quality like the bus by which we came till Jalandhar.The day was so hot and sunny day so we all entered inside the bus to keep us protected from the burning rays of the sunshine before it started its journey.

All were silent but I was in deep silence as if I was performing spiritual meditation that it couldn't be broken by the eminent joke performer of the world.After a while ago the conductor came inside the bus and I witnessed the same characteristics in all the bus conductors.Pronouncing the name of the destination time and again,active,talking over the top of their voice and the whistle hung from their neck to be whistled to inform the driver to move and to call the passenger.And every coster- mongers did same thing,i could see the dull face when they re-camp the bus and I could also see the hopes that still collected in their heart which they reflects in two eyes combined with dullness.

After two hours of journey witnessing the same busy street people,we reached to the town of Amritsar from which we have to take Rickshaw(Indian popular taxi) till the nearest town where the Golden Temple was built.And after a few minutes drive,we reached the yards of the Temple where I could hear the religious music hung in the atmosphere  and I could see the the temple in its full glorious giving me sense of deep satisfaction.But the glory of the temple could not bring changes still.I wish if she were with me looking to the same direction to the Golden temple then only I would see the temple really was built out of pure gold. 

While visiting the temple one should wrap scalp with yellow scarf, then only you can visit it.So,I wrapped my scalp with yellow scarf and we all had one each. We also had to keep our shoes and slipper together of a group packed inside the sack before entering the gate leading to the golden temple.Numberless local people,monks and tourist had also come to visit the temple which was remarked as one of the ancient's Seven wonders of the world.
We had also conjoined them in visiting the temple and the museums in which mostly the traditional paintings were depicted of a realistic noble man's life.The atmosphere seemed to be different and peculiar with many faithful dedicating devotees over and above the religious music makes the atmosphere really spiritual.

I didn't learn anything but I was partially satisfied on that day at-least  I visited the mos eminent site of the world.Just we snapped as much as we can to proudly show  that we reached the famous place.But one thing was still missing from me.She was not with me focusing equivalent eyes towards camera and it was so pathetic boy when I looked after shot without her company.The lonesome boy without her,without her arm around my neck and without her to smile back from the photo,I did not want to save my image to be showed to others proudly.Without her I cannot be complete and proud anymore.So I clicked on to dustbin button and she smiled me from the screen as her photo slips on to the screen as I deleted my Image.          

At that time her glorious smile touched roots of my tear glands and my eyes were misty as a reply to her smile that arouse from her heart. From that day I thought to myself that my tear glands were not malfunctioned
It functions for her and she stimulates it,at that time I was back to hostel thinking deeply about how we are matching and how she is still loving me. But it was all turned to IF,IF,IF...if..The more I think of "If"the more my eyes become misty.

The more painful thing is to love back, to the people who once used to love you-NCHBkarma\



  1. would you mind to mention who is dat girl??...anyway its wonderful...

  2. i will surely do,only to you.thanks for appreciating my piece of writing


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